2017-10-21 Linda Master Class AZ Rider Gallery

2017-10-21 Linda Master Class AZ Rider Gallery

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Rider fees for Master Class with Linda Parelli:

Non-member Rider: $1,200.00 USD
Member Rider: $1,000.00 USD

Completed Level 3 Rider: $750.00 USD
Completed Level 4 Rider: $600.00 USD

To complete your application for a Rider position at this event, please complete the Rider Application form here.

If you are not selected, use your Gallery ticket for admission to the event.

This Master Class Clinic with Linda Parelli is your opportunity to be a rider or a part of the interactive gallery of spectators that will benefit from her specializations in Horsenality, Psychology, Fluidity and Finesse. Incorporating the Finesse Training Sequence and the Game of Contact this experience is recommended for those wanting to improve both riding and skills in the area of Finesse.

Interactive demonstrations as well as in depth coaching will leave you with the skills to continue developing the relationship that you dream of with your horse!